“I laughed, I cried, and I was filled with abundant joy knowing that I am a Catholic!”

“An unbelievable day that changed me forever!”

“Every one of the speakers left me wanting more and more and more!”

Now on DVD!

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Get This Amazing Conference on DVD!

A day that will change your life, ignite your faith, and empower you to set the world on fire for Jesus Christ and His Church. This DVD set can now be yours forever. Don’t miss out on what others got to experience.


Makes a Great Fundraiser!

Now your organization can share the powerful witness of the OneFaith Experience and raise money in the process. It’s easy! Take orders at full-price, pay OneFaith just 50%, and keep the difference for your ministry.

Find out more below!

The Catholic event of the year can now be YOUR Catholic fundraiser of the year!

Overwhelmed with fundraising?  We have the perfect solution. The OneFaith Experience 4disc DVD set.  A meaningful fundraiser that raises the necessary resources and gives a gift to the community at the same time.   A fundraiser for the soul!


  • No upfront fees
  • No hidden costs
  • No minimum order
  • 50% of sales stays with the parish or organization
  • One order for entire fundraiser/onetime shipping rate applied
  • Sample DVD set available upon request
  • All promotional materials provided
  • Easy step by step suggestions for success
  • Professionally produced videos for previewing
  • For final orders of 300 or more, bonus incentives will apply

Third Millennium Media has been assisting organizations for years in their fundraising efforts.  In fact, over 100 million dollars has been raised for Catholic Radio by Third Millennium Media professionals.  Now, we have made it possible for you to easily raise funds for your organization.  Pastors, Parish Managers, Catechetical Leaders, and Youth Ministers are finding this too good to be true.  NOW you can enjoy the fundraising experience and know that you are helping souls in the process.   Ready to get started?

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